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by IAmYulu 2020-12-01
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YulxVol started off as a society, based around a Minecraft server that was made in 2017. The Minecraft server was worked on by a couple of friends and later there were people hired to work on the server. A lot of hours and time was put into building, scripting and developing the Minecraft server, but nonetheless the server died off in late 2018.

While also developing on the Minecraft server, the owners of YulxVol decided to work on a different project which later became known as the game ´What Remains´ on roblox. A lot more dedication and time was put into the development of this game and eventually all the time that was normally used on the Minecraft server was now put into this game. The game is still in development and we’re expecting to release open beta on the 12/12-2020.

While YulxVol was evolving into what it is known to be today, we have had many different staff members and only a few of the original staff is still with us today. In an interview we’ve asked them how they feel YulxVol has evolved over time, this were their replies:

RediPanda - Head management (been with YulxVol since 2017) I feel like YulxVol has evolved in a good way over time. Our work effort to develop projects has never stopped and our continuous engagement with the community has none-the-less allowed YulxVol to be where we are. Starting as a small Minecraft Server, utilising all our equipment, highlighting our Staff's talents and key influences allowed YulxVol to shine and provide an innovating and successful service. Without YulxVol allowing opportunities for people to help, it wouldn't be where it is now.
Shiba.Gif - Community manager (been with YulxVol since 2019) I'm quite astonished by the progress YulxVol has made over the years. The constant progression we've made in the community has grown over time.
War - Admin (been with YulxVol since 2019) YulxVol has gone through ups and downs, however YulxVol has found a way to go over that obstacle. I really appreciate a studio that puts their heart and soul into their projects.

Furthermore we would like to thank our hard working staff, without you we wouldn’t be where we are today and especially thank you to RediPanda who has been with us since day one.

Here they explain how their position has changed over time and also their opinions on if YulxVol has changed for the better:

RediPanda - Head management (been with YulxVol since 2017) My rank in YulxVol has changed drastically, starting as a simple Trial Mod back in 2017 and then later filling out as a Head Manager in early 2018. Of course, rising up through the ranks meant I had to put more effort into each rank and make sure I'm active whenever I had the chance whilst sustaining a life/work balance. The change for YulxVol back in the early 2019 wasn't easy for many of the old Staff Members, some retiring due to the stereotypes portrayed by Roblox. Of course I was in disagreement with the change as well due to the amount of effort put in the Minecraft servers, but as of now I think our rapid change to a different and uprising platform was for the greater good as the overall trend for Minecraft Servers has drastically decreased or has higher expectations.
Shiba.Gif - Community manager (been with YulxVol since 2019) I'd started in YulxVol as a moderator and slowly went up into a community management position. I feel YulxVol has changed for the best, but although everything felt messy at first, being here in YulxVol gives a really good vibe to it!
War - Admin (been with YulxVol since 2019) I went from a member to an administrator in a few months time and I've learned a lot over the few months. It has changed and new implementations are being added that will help the studio go forward.

If you have any questions about the game, join our discord using the link below:

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