Why we use discord

by IAmYulu 2019-07-15
Global Server

Discord is YulxVol most used social platform, with the use of discord you are able to communicate with staff and other members. It is also possible to use our discord bot to gain special functions such as:

  1.  !meme (this allows you to post a random meme in the meme chat)
  2. !anime (this allows you to post a random anime picture in the anime chat)
  3. !play (insert song here) (this allows you to play a song that you like, inside the commands chat, which will be played in the Music channel) 

YulxVol discord has 200+ members and is constantly growing. We are constantly evolving, so that new things always are happening on the discord.
New things such as Events, New features for the bot and competitions.

Nitro boost
If you join our discord and decides to Nitro boost the server, you get special features for the discord:

  1. New role @? BOOSTER ?
  2. Discord bot commands
  3. Discord perms

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