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by IAmYulu 2019-07-14
Server Update

What Remains is YulxVols first (soon to be) published game on Roblox. It is an MMORPG based game that takes place in present time Washington D.C.

Chaos has struck the city due to a massive virus outbreak which wiped out 45% of Washingtons population. It is now your duty to help fight back the remaining factions, so that no more harm shall happen to the surviving community of Washington. You and a team of other survivors have to make sure that there now remains peace and order.

Minigame version
What Remains, is currently under development. Though it is possible to play a minigame version of it. The minigame version was released on 3/21/2019 and is frequently updated by our hardworking development team to make sure all players who test our minigame version is fully satisfied with the current results of What Remains.

The minigame is only a showcase of what is soon to be What Remains, by playing the minigame you can see some of the things that are gonna be featuring in What Remains such as the character, weapons, the monuments and details.

To join in and test the minigame, you have to join the YulxVol group on discord. When an administrator of the group has seen your join request, they will add you to the group and thereafter you can join the game.

Press the link below to join the group:

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